Ak4493 vs es9038

ak4493 vs es9038

The ideal output should be a square wave. What output level did you use? Was it at or close to maximum?

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It is not strange thing, 1. You will get the similar or same results. In these chips that is done by the software.

Other Question is what is more friendly to the ear? Personally I prefer passive way, with no-dsp in the dac-s. DiyHk is right older dacs r2r have not present this kind of "phenomenon". Find More Posts by Zoran. When You play - the output result is squared to worse These tests are really interesting especially the AK ones. Was the difference in the different FIR filter settings audible in your tests? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

Originally Posted by Zoran. Originally Posted by scott wurcer.

ak4493 vs es9038

True, a plus to minus full scale transition in one clock period violates Nyquist. It's a step function. You couldn't have sampled it in a band-limited system. People love to see that "clean" square wave, but if you have a proper reconstruction filter you will never get it.Free Shipping on All Orders!

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I have the musical paradise mp-d2 mkI with akm and love the sound, here's my question. I plan on getting the mkIII when it comes out, the mkIII can use akm,akm, or esspro, gary the designer prefers the esspro and says it sounds the best, i'm thinking that if i love the sound of the then i should love the August Matter of taste Marv. One dedicated to just 2ch. It is just a beast! SCompRacer Posts: 7, What input would you be using on the DAC?

The house sound depends on output implemented. Make yourself necessary to someone.

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They did not rely entirely on the embedded clock. You'd have to read the white paper for specifics.

akm4497 vs. ess9038pro

USB input is more a level playing field with your choices. I'd push for specifics as to why he claims the ESS sounds better. We go back to that one mans detail is another mans brightness thing.

Clipdat Posts: 7, That's a nice DAC for the money. I'm stuck here Sign In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register.Please login or register. Quote from: Doggie Howser on December 14, Quote from: qflyer on December 16, You'll never get to heaven with a smile on your face from me.

I see FPGA functioning as a dac being a doube-edged sword. In the hands of a good designer, it can be optimized to improve performance significantly. In the hands of a "wrong" designer, it may just be a tone control tool that only appeals to certain group of listeners.

Hs507k review

I have a pile of stuff that pushes out squiggly waveforms from smaller squiggly waveforms that sometimes come from 1's and 0's. It's wonderful to behold as long as you don't let the magic smoke out.

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Life is short! Enjoy the music while it plays, when it stops, there might be a chair for you Quote from: Audio on December 15, AKM Chips used in it. Looks pretty impressive.

Maybe I should give it a try I think I am the first batch with preorder. I also did the level 1 mod. Change fuse, lift up the transformers on wooden board, change the bolt to nylon, takeout the unnecessary board for AC connectors, twist the internal power cables.

Sound great. Just wanted a change after playing quite a few devices with the ess chips. However, if you have the budget get the holospring stage 3. Btw, I play PCM upsample to dsd64 with daphile. PC not powderful enough to go higher without coughing.

Want to get the i7 xtreme processor. Quote from: AndrewC on December 18, Quote from: qflyer on December 18, Some take this a bit further. Chord does the same but with their pulse array DACs. Important thing is that these represent different philosophies and technologies but are ultimately a means to an end. Quote from: nfnc on December 18, Doubt that it was a cost issue.

They would not have gone for the Morion crystal otherwise. In the various interviews, there was this emphasis about relationships and about the vendors being willing to "customise" or fulfil what was requested of them.

The board is modular so upgrading should be an easy swap.

ak4493 vs es9038

I wonder though, what might have resulted if Ayre had gone for discrete R2R? Perhaps if there is an R-series DAC? SMF 2. SimplePortal 2.

$100 vs $400 vs $1000 DAC AMP Showdown and Comparison

It would seem the FPGA is used for some peripheral digital signal processing, not the actual digital to analog conversion which is done by the quad ESs.Super Best Audio Friends. Read these "rules" AND introduce yourself before your first post. A healthy approach to understanding measurements Being true to what the artists intended.

Tags: ak akm dacs disappointment. DACs with the previous generation AK and sounded great to me compared to older AKM chips some of the audio interfaces I've heard with these are horrible ; they were almost like what a Sabre should be but so often fails miserably at due to ESS's ridiculousness: Very neutral, lean, and mean with little glare while being great at replicating instrumental tone and timbre. The AK increased the detail, staging, and is definitely less out-of-phase.

The Grace M9XX and Bifrost were the same despite the Bifrost having a lot more detail than the smaller units. What gives in AKM making their new technically better performing but tonally less high-fidelity?

Audiofool market pressure? Adding both warmth and crispness to today's over-mixed, sample-replaced, and hyper-compressed ProTools productions? Last edited: Jun 28, PsalmanazarJun 28, I am hearing some of what you describe as well.

Personally I am not sure I would want to go back to the old modi2u though. That had no bass and was bright as all get out on my setup.

But I do hear the soft bloom in the lower mids. And a bit of velvety veiled breathiness on vocals as compared with some other dacs. I am hoping burn in may alleviate. I did find USB cables to be fairly large contributors on the m2u for example and can change the tonal balance quite a bit.

Crispness is not a word I'd usually associate with 'velvet. RedFuneralJun 28, Rex AeternaJul 14, SSLMar 8, If Fulla 2 is all you can afford and you have headphones that actually need amplification, then get it.

There's nothing else for a hundred bucks really. PsalmanazarMar 8, MinbeoMar 8, Psalmanazar likes this. My general experiences with the very closely match those of Psalmanazar.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Forums New posts Search forums. Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Sonic Guild Start date Mar 2, Post 1 of Joined May 11, Messages Reaction score Joined May 11, Posts Likes Any comparison between the?

Mar 2, Post 2 of Joined Apr 10, Messages Reaction score Joined Apr 10, Posts Likes Sounds really good. If you are tinkerer than you can tweak it to your hearts intend. Post 3 of Share This Post. Post 4 of Joined Jul 5, Messages Reaction score Joined Jul 5, Posts Likes DAC chips alone don't tell much about the sound. Implementation is extremely important, you can't just throw super-high specs DAC in and get exactly the specs in the datasheet. Also, the output stage plays a vastly role in deciding the final sound.

My 2 favorite types of output stages are discrete and tube. Each has its own taste, but both could be very detailed and dynamic. Post 5 of You cannot compare it against the more expensive implementations, eg Eastern Electric, etc. You need to narrow down what you want otherwise there are too many options. Mar 3, Post 6 of Joined Mar 14, Messages Reaction score Joined Mar 14, Posts Likes Please login or register. The other issue being that these chips aren't on many DACs but am confident that they will follow soon.

What do you guys think? I prefer it to the Sabre32 variants. Dac is not just only the chip The IV stage or output portion also makes alot of difference.

ak4493 vs es9038

The difference in sound is big all sound like different Dacs. So final sound still depends a lot on the final implementation. Quote from: BTW on December 14, Fully agree. My new reference DAC I belong to the ESS Pro camp Ayre QX-5 Stunningly transparent and resolving!!

Not a techie but I have a discrete pcm chip dac later upgraded to a r2r ladder and found it much better. That was implemented in a lampizator dac where I upgraded the chip to amr2r ladder. Found playback performance almost on par with dsd playback. Fully agree each chip manufacturer has a house sound but final result can be quite different depending on power supply design and IV stages etc. So IMHO always listen to final result. Quote from: Doggie Howser on December 14, Bro BTW, can a dac be designed such that the analogue output stages stayed powered on while the digital section can be powered down for refreshing purpose?

I haven't brought it home to compare with your shigaclone yet Many thanks to the mods for continuing to tolerate all my expressive vulgarisms and harassment of fellow forumers That a number of them subscribe to the NOS non over-sampling philosophy may contribute to that sound quality. Quote from: Audio on December 14, Quote from: lkypeter on December 14, Quote from: Audio on December 15, SMF 2.This was the fourth loss in five matches for Benitez and his team.

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