Garmin zumo 550 cradle pinout

Remember Me? Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Take the Tupperware off, cut the AMP Superseal off the installed Zumo and pulled the wire from the interior of the bike.

Soldered and heat shrink in place the new Superseal on the power wires. Plugged it in before snaking the wire through the body, installed the in the cradle, and key on check. No go on the Zumo. Checked for power to the cradle.

Power makes it to the downstream side of the Garmin installed 3A fuse pulled fuse out enough to check with meter. No power on any of the cradle pins. Did verify ground is making it through. Looked for the cradle wiring diagram and pin-out, only found the cradle diagram. Does anyone know what the pins are for the or ? They're the same I'm told.

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So I guess Can Am isn't the only ones subbing out to the cheapest bidder. From what I've read this is an issue with the Garmin cradles. I like it when a product works exactly like is supposed to. I'm wondering if I'm going to regret buying Garmin? The GPS itself works great, but if the mount is inferior? From how many really authoritative sources have you heard this is, "an issue with Garmin cradles"? That's a pretty big tar brush. Why not call Garmin on Tuesday, assume they'll be closed for Memorial Day.

Artillery lends dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl. Have you been inside the cradle itself? A quick internet search found photos of others that have been inside the cradle to access the connector. Those photos should guide you to validate a bad crimp to the pin or other reason for no power.

Maybe there is info here to be found. Originally Posted by JayBros. My whole setup came from the dealer so I don't know what exists farther down the wire line other than the heavy cable that goes down into the bowels of the Spyder. Have faith in Garmin as they appear to me to stand behind their products.

They replaced the battery for my Zumo under warranty, no questions asked, after giving me some instructions on overnight charging that didn't solve the problem. They didn't even want the bad one back to test it.Wed Mar 21, pm quote.

I expect there are some members who have either the Zumo or GPS's so I'd like to share this with you. During my recent preparations for an upcoming trip my was showing a low battery a number of times. It finally went dead and stayed that way until I transfered it to the RV where I have the window mounted cradle. That cured the charging problem so I checked all the wiring on the bike and all was fine up to the cradle, then I traced it to the internal circuit where it failed.

Just out of curiosity I Googled it as an issue and sure enough it's been an on-going problem for quite awhile. Apparently cradle failure is common as can be and other than replacing it with a new one there's no cure.

Still it's not super expensive if you figure you'll get at least 3 years out of one and maybe by then you'll be ready for a new model, right? Happy Happy Thu Mar 22, am quote. You will note that for whatever reason, the Zumo has a vast number of tiny connector pins - what exactly they all do is beyond me since most other GPSs work fine with just the four connectors of a mini USB the Zumo itself also has a hiden USB jack but cannot operate in normal mode only through USB.

Because they are so tiny and provide so little contact area, they are extremely sensitive to buildup of dirt I'm not sure that "oxidation" is correct because I think they are gold-plated - but that's quite possibly wrong. Rubbing with an alcohol-soaked Q-Tip helps but the only real fix is something like trichloroethane. I've had issues not only with losing power but all sorts of weird inappropriate error messages.

And I should add that these issues were not limited to only the cradle on my motorcycle, which arguably is exposed to the elements, but my car cradle as well. Try cleaning the contacts on both the cradle and the Zumo before buying another cradle! It may be that this arcing yes, even at 12V you can arc if the contact area is small enough is what contaminates the pins.

I should add that it is very tempting to pop the Zumo out of the cradle and walk away with it while still turned on, the design really invites that behavior and I did it myself all the time; but I'm not sure that provides the best longevity of the contacts. Whether or not the other weird things I've seen are because of corrosion on those other data contacts or simply because of erratic power I don't know for sure, but it is a flat-out design flaw that the main power is fed through such a tiny contact.

Almost, but not quite, as bad as that wonderful "security screw. Make sure you haven't broken a pin as well. Anyway, my main point is: before buying a new cradle, try cleaning the contacts on the Zumo and the pins on the cradle.

I believe it is waterproof only if the Zumo is in the cradle or the cover is on the contacts. Otherwise why have a cover? I rarely take my Zumo off since the lockable Touratech is part of the mount.

Thu Mar 22, pm quote. I suspect 50cal has it exactly right: for all its promotion as a quick-on, quick-off GPS solution, the Zumo is not really intended to be constantly removed and re-installed. My Zumo has 44, miles on it on two different cradles - one for each bike.

Plus another 5, miles in the car mount which I stuck in a tank bag for the rental bike in Europe. No issues at all.

Garmin Zümo 595/590 motorcycle cradle wire harness reverse engineering and modification

Just sayin' - happy customer tells no one, unhappy customer tells everyone. I leave mine in the cradle most of the time. I rarely take it out, unless I am in a shady area. Try parking it close to high people traffic areas and cover up the Zumo with a small black bag I carry with me.I'm looking to find the schematics for this puppy.

Basically I want to confirm the wires and connectors that go into the Base and then on into the bottom contact points for the Zumo If it is possible to confirm the GatherM remote can be used with a regular Zumo with some modifications or notI think that would help out a lot if our Zumo is mounted some distance. So having the ability to use a remote. Getting your hands on the Remote is another matter if you're not in Japan.

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It'd prob be safer to do that on the left-side handlebar rather than navigating my hand all the way to my Zumo, finding the. Confirmed Remote switch will work with the regular Zumo. Garmin says they don't make it, which sounds really odd to me, as the Zumo with this simply Y cable and Remove work together. Would be kinda hard to think that Garmin didn't have some part in assisting Honda GathersM in making such an item. So you can start your screaming to Garmin to ask why other markets don't have the option.

I hate marketing anyways, they have no clue sorry :P. I'm debating whether to get this unit for my own bike. Need to really see if it's useful or not. If it could control next track and mute of sound, then it'd. Fair price? Does it have a Honda part number, or is it only sold with the "Honda" ?

If it has a part number, it can be ordered I have a rather cool at the time! PerfectPilot remote unit for my old Garminmade by a Dutch company called Waypoint. It isn't electronic at all, but uses an IR sender, just like the Garmin remote. Thehowever, doesn't have an IR receiver, so the GathersM remote must be connected electronically. I did some searching on Yahoo! Japan Auctions the other day. There is some kind of connector or wiring housing on the LHS of the Gathers M cradle to which the remote cable appears to connect.

So I think you'd probably need the cradle as well as the remote cable assuming the firmware would automatically support it That makes sense to me--but it sounds expensive! I have never opened up the cradle, but you are certainly correct.Items Per Page: 12 36 In these cases you can simply click on the "add to cart" button to see our price. Please note that clicking on the "add to cart" button only places the item in your "shopping cart" there is no obligation to buy unless you complete the ordering process.

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garmin zumo 550 cradle pinout

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Thread starter jbh Start date Mar 22, I have a Zumo for sale with cradle, sunshade, and carrying case. Does everything work?

garmin zumo 550 cradle pinout

Do you have a paypal acct? I am new to IBA and looking for farkles to help me get down the road. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

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Last edited: Mar 22, I saw the Zumo ad after my post. RayRay said:. I'll take it if it isn't already sold. Sold to RayRay. You must log in or register to reply here.

Zumo 660 Cradle Hacking or Pinout?

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Garmin USB Bare Wire Power and Data Cable Options for Garmin Handhelds with GPSCity

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Zumo Cradle Hacking or Pinout? JZH International Bodger. A couple Web searches have also failed to turn up much.

Garmin pinouts

Has anyone seen anything online describing the pin assignments, or hacking the cradle in general? The reason for my query is that I would like to build my own wired Zumo remote control, similar to the handlebar controller used by the Honda-branded Zumos aka "Gathers M G3", which has somewhat similar functions as the BMW Navigator IV cradle. See pictures below. I know that the Honda remote control cable and handlebar controller can be used with the regular Zumoand I already have the cable required to connect the cradle to the remote controller which I have recently ordered through David Silver Sparesbut I have not yet been able to confirm that the Honda remote works with theor if the handlebar controller is indeed the same part as it appears to be.

These functions are not so useful on abut the s don't have the external buttons, so a remote control capability could be very useful, especially if the GPS unit is mounted far from the rider. I'm considering buying the Honda cradle from Japan, which I could then compare directly to the standard cradle, but that would likely be a time-consuming and expensive process even with the part numberso I'm hoping that the information on the pinout would obviate the need to do that.

TIA for any tips, hints or leads! Zumo Remote Wiring Diagram. I can't answer your questions but might be able to save you some money. There is a fairly high failure rate for the cradles so maybe someone has their old one you can experiment with. I had to replace mine a couple months ago but threw out the old cradle. Sent from my XT using Tapatalk 2. Have you checked on the various Zumo forums? Maybe this thread? I can't see it have to be registered. I've received the handlebar controller It appears to be sealed which is a good thing for an electronic device intended for use on motorcycles!

Semi-destruction was the order of the day. For the record, the case is glued with a somewhat soft glue, and there are no plastic clips or catches: it just pries apart.

Garmin Zumo 550 with cradle ram mount

The circuitry is much more complex than I had expected, so I won't be duplicating it any time soon! However, I should have no problem incorporating the circuit board into my own application, and will simply solder wires to the existing switches, which I will then connect to my own switches.

I already have the special cable for the Zumowhich provides 12v power to the remote controller as well as data lines blue and yellow to the Zumo.There are models found for various Garmin devices. Find great deals on eBay for zumo and zumo I bought the wiring kit from chromeworld and spent sometime installing it but it is so trick to have bluetooth.

We have reviewed both GPS tracking devices in more detail at the above link. The Garmin zumo GPS is designed especially for motorcycles. Like anything else, though, both devices come with their own advantages and drawbacks but if you're opting for one of these GPS devices you really won't go far wrong.

Vind fantastische aanbiedingen voor garmin zumo mount. It stopped working when I put it in the cradle mounted on my motorcycle. Zumo LM. Zumo So it looks that the HP is the problem. Hard-wired directly to ignition switch. Brand: Garmin. Call them they are very helpful. Free delivery for many products! One for the car scution cup and ciggie lighter thing. Since they were getting over a year old I decided to check and found that they were from !

Anyways, it came with the Ram mounts two power sources. Garmin Zumo It's a small jet developed by One Aviation, low-wing, six seat, twin engine jet-powered aircraft. Maw hij blijft op het begin scherm Gesteld op om Mobieltje op het stuur is niet een succes, dus een nieuwe Garmin gekocht.

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